Choosing Mindful Presence

I am a firm believer that we already have all the tools we need. Our brain is AMAZING! So is our MIND!


I really have lead a wonderful life. (And I CONTINUE TO!) 


The thing is, I can paint a sad picture of the events of my life, but no matter what happened, something great worked out for me. I could see the good side. Let's be clear, I wasn't always like this :) obsession, worry, insecurity, weight, fear, insecurity... Yes, I am VERY familiar with them. Even still, I'm living a great life.


My recent struggles and learnings, and trusting opportunities CLEARLY became the growth enzyme for me.


Once I started to TRUST that life was my growth opportunity, I began to grow. I still look back on recent choices I made that stretched my trust, and to this day I continue to grow form having taken them. 


The Rob Somma definition of Choosing Mindful Presence is just this step I took. I knew it intuitively. But saying to a child "Sit down and be quiet" is OK. It really is. The problem is that we do not educate people how to do the simple things like Breathing, Walking, Meditating, Eating, or ... being quiet.

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Rob Somma, Coach, Instructor


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Felicia Somma, Owner, Healer

I just love the natural flow of life. I am a Master Gardener since 2009, a Tai Chi and Yoga instructor, I fly fish, love nature photography and I love being outdoors. Through my 32 years of business experience from direct contributor to director I have always been driven by people. Helping them grow professionally or get over some obstacle. Client or co-worker. People have motivated me. I have taken the greatest joy from watching and assisting the growth of the people I worked with. 


I fully believe in the need for focused improvement of human character and integrity and immediate cessation of damage to and the restoration of our planet. And that also describes the human condition, doesn't it? We do not take good care of our planet, and as individuals many do not take good, holistic, care of our lives. So yes, that is where I want to help. Health Coach, Professional Coach, Life Coach.

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